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Proxy & Telephone Bidding

Terms and Conditions  

Wherever possible it is always best to attend an auction yourself to bid. However, where that is not possible, then you may still be able to bid for a property if you provide a Proxy bid or bid by telephone.  

Whether you are bidding by Proxy or by telephone you will need to complete our Telephone/Proxy Bidding Form. This will give us details of the Credit / Debit Card you wish to us for the sale. Please download and complete the for and return it to us no later than 8pm on the Friday before the sale. Any forms returned to us after 8pm Friday may not get entered onto the lot sheets

 A deposit of £10 or 10% of your bid (whichever is the greater) will be taken on your debit / credit card, for each lot. If your bid is unsuccessful on a lot, the deposit will be refunded to your card or be used towards other purchases made.

Our Phone/Proxy Form can be downloaded from here


A Proxy bidder is where a bidder appoints the auctioneer as agent and authorises the auctioneer to bid for the relevant lot on behalf of the buyer in such a manner as the auctioneer thinks fit and at his absolute discretion. 

Proxy and telephone bidders shall be considered to have inspected the property, seen all conditions of sale and notices relating to the lot and have full knowledge of changes even where late alterations are made that remote bidders cannot possibly have seen.  

Proxy and telephone bidders may, in writing only, at any time up to the commencement of the auction in which the particular lot is to be sold withdraw the auctioneer’s authority to bid. It is the prospective buyers responsibility to ensure that the auctioneer personally receives such instructions and you should check and ensure that such instructions have been received. 

Unless the relevant lot is sold to the prospective Proxy/telephone bidder, the amount of the prospective buyers bid will not be disclosed to the seller or any other person before, during or after the sale without the consent of the Proxy/telephone buyer. 

It should be noted that the auctioneer reserves the right to bid for the seller up to the reserve price for a particular lot.  

Other than the buyers premium, which is applicable to all buyers at auction, the auctioneer will make no other charge to the buyer for the service of dealing with remote bids. The auctioneer will not accept liability whatsoever for any bid not being made on behalf of a prospective buyer whether it is through a lack of clarity of instructions or for any other reason whatsoever.

Telephone bidders will be contacted half an hour before the auction’s commencement to ensure a good signal is received and prospective purchasers will need to be available by that telephone up to an hour after the time that the auction is advertised to commence. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that they are located in a place where a sufficiently strong clear signal will be available at the time of the auction when mobile phones are being used.  


cards and paypal

Credit cards incur a 2% card fee as well as the buyers commission

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